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libconfig --- the ISO C++ port of KDE KConfig class

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libconfig is the ISO C++ port of KDE KConfig class. If you are looking for a portable and flexible C++ configure file parser, you are in the right place.
Current version of libconfig is highly portable and has been tested in the following environment:
It has almost the same functionality as KConfig in KDE lib except the following differences:


Just download and unpack the package into a temperate directory then run configure script as following:
    make check(optional)
    su (install need root privilege)
    make install


The on-line document can be found in doc subdirectory.


You can download libconfig from sourceforge.net's download page


The original KConfig was written by the following people:
Preston Brown <pbrown at kde.org>
Matthias Kalle Dalheimer <kalle at kde.org>
Waldo Bastian <bastian at kde.org>

The porting to ISO C++ was conducted by Zhang Le < ejoy@users.sourceforge.net>
This project is hosted at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/libconfig
I will appreciate any comments, suggestions or bug report.
You can use this dialog to send them.

Have fun!
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