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libconfig Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
config::KConfigAccess KDE Configuration entries. KDE Configuration Management class
config::KConfigBackEndAbstract base class for KDE configuration file loading/saving. KDE Configuration file loading/saving abstract base class
config::KConfigBaseAbstract base class for KDE configuration entries. KDE Configuration Management abstract base class
config::KConfigGroupSaverHelper class to facilitate working with KConfig / KSimpleConfig groups. Helper class for easier use of KConfig/KSimpleConfig groups
config::KConfigINIBackEndClass for KDE INI-style configuration file loading/saving
config::KEntryMap/dict/list node entry
config::KEntryKeyKey structure holding both the actual key and the the group to which it belongs
config::KSimpleConfigKDE Configuration entries KDE Configuration Management class with deletion ability

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